Sunday, 9 February 2014

Around the Rings - 09 February 2014

Around the Rings will be bringing you other news about the Olympics from all ‘my’ countries: France, GB and Canada!

  • I babble about hockey all the times, but how does it work? TheScore
  • Now you get it, so you can root for Team Canada! TheScore
  • If you're not happy for Jenny Jones (first GB medal in Sochi), you are dead inside! BBC
  • Like him or not (I don't!), Evgeny Plushenko just medalled in four Olympics in a row! Reuters
  • Allo la France, elle est où ma première médaille ? L'Équipe
  • "Whoa how random is this I made the finals at the Olympics!!!" Ladies and gents, Sage Kotsenburg, Sochi's first Olympic champion  LA Times
  • Things are getting better. We have doors. They don't open. BBC
  • You want an Olympic Legend? Meet Ole Einar Bjoerndalen RIA Novosti
  • Enjoy the Winter Olympics - snow might not last forever New York Times

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